At the Sala Gian Maria Volonté / Casa del Cinema, a meeting was held between the Councilor for Economic Development of the Region Lazio, Gian Paolo Manzella, and several Lazio-based video games developers.The developers also met Thalita Malagò, Director General of AESVI, and Roberto Cicutto, CEO of the Istituto LuceCinecittà, which will host the 2019 edition of Rome Video Game Lab. It was an important moment to discuss the current situation and the prospects for development, a valuable opportunity for comparison between companies and institutions: the developers have had the opportunity to describe the difficulties they encounter in the system in which they operate and the improvements that could be made in terms of funding and networking. The Region, for its part, reiterated its willingness to listen and to discuss with developers and companies and renewed its commitment in order to support the gaming industry in the area.