Success for RomeVideoGameLab 2019: over 12,000 visitors.

The results of the previous edition have been overcome: many meetings, courses and workshops whose internationalization and participation have grown more and more.

RomeVideogameLab 2019 ends with a success: not only for numbers (despite the bad weather there were more than 12 thousand visitors) but also for the quality of the initiatives and the warmth of participation. During these three days, within the historical and fascinating Cinecittà Studios, many meetings were held, many courses for children and for professionals, many tournaments that involved different generations. And the last day, inside the Basilica Aemilia - in the area that reconstructs ancient Rome - many and colorful cosplayers marched, showing with fun and pride the costumes and disguises of their favorite heroes taken from cartoons, video games or fantasy movies. The day ended with a concert by the band "I Cristiani d'Avena", which performs music inspired by comics and video games. This is a passion that always gathers a lot of public and arouses great applause.

The result of RomeVidoGameLab19 is positive from every point of view: this laboratory festival (which has never lost its dual nature, as a party for everyone but also as a space for research) was an opportunity to see and illustrate the many steps in forward that every year are performed in the field of the fruitful interweaving of video games and research. Starting from the world of cultural heritage, education, vocational training. Gaming is an increasingly flexible and refined instrument, as demonstrated by A Night at the Forum, the game that will be released to the public on May 25th, born from the collaboration of CNR (ITABC department), of VRTON developers, of the Museum Mercati di Traiano – Musei dei Fori Imperiali and Sony. The first videogame all set within a faithful and fascinating reconstruction of the Forum of Augustus. RomeVideogameLab was also an opportunity to learn more about MiRasna, the video game on the world of the Etruscans.

Within RomeVideoGameLab19 Aiv-Level up (the Italian video games academy) doubles the offer of last year, bringing 61 speakers, 40 talks, 7 workshops, 2 panels and launching - with great satisfaction - the recruiting session.

Plenty of space for visual arts, thanks to the presence of Milton Manetas and the NeoLudica exhibition, proof of how the language of videogames knows how to feed and meet that of art. Many people around the Dimensione Suono Roma space, with its entertaining DJs; great attention for the participation of COQUIS (Cooking Academy) who brought together catering and video games inspired by the kitchen, played by boys and starred chefs like Fabio Troiani.

The presence of institutions is strong and significant, thanks to the participation of the Ministry of Cultural Activities and the Lazio Region. The debates were attended by Undersecretary Gianluca Vacca (Mibac), Regional Councilor for Economic Development Gian Paolo Manzella and many directors of autonomous museums and state archaeological sites.

Luca Bergamo (deputy mayor and councilor for culture of Rome) and Daniele Frongia (councilor for sport, youth policies and major events) were among the participants of other meetings and of the awarding of the prize dedicated to the Best Applied Games, a spin-off of the Italian Videogame Award, promoted by Aesvi.

The first prize was won by Maggie - The treasure of Seshat, made by Soroptimist Club Firenze.

Cinecittà was also been transformed into "VideoGiochiCittà" for three days: the dialogue between the world of cinema and that of video games has made progress, thanks to the precious international collaboration with the London Film Festival.

Not surprisingly, it is also the producer of the London Videogame Festival, which was held last month.

The event was produced and promoted by Istituto Luce Cinecittà in collaboration with QAcademy and Aesvi, with the participation of many subjects involved in the world of research: in addition to CNR, many university institutions such as the Gamification Lab of Sapienza, ECampus, Unitelma of the University of Rome La Sapienza, Link Campus-Vigamus, Women in Game Italia.

Among the sponsors, the support of Trenitalia, Alitalia and Dimensione Suono Roma was particularly important.

"The world of video games - commented Roberto Cicutto, president and CEO of Istituto Luce Cinecittà - immediately became our focus and became an integral part of our business plan. In this way we want to broaden the horizons of the audiovisual sector and open up to training in new technologies and new languages. RomeVideoGameLab is a fundamental moment of participation and exposure, now we want to move forward also creating continuity in our activities. This gave rise to the idea of ​​creating a VideoGame Hub, a tool for growth and production for our videogame industry, and for the entire entertainment industry "

“RomeVideoGameLab 2019 - comments Giovanna Marinelli, editorial director of the initiative - ends by keeping all the commitments: we have increased our international dimension, we increased the quality and the number of our workshops, and the thematic meetings we have chosen had a fruitful participation. And the party for the audience - families, enthusiasts, young people - was really great ".

We close with success and with a perspective: RomeVideoGameLab 2020 is fast approaching.


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