Back RomeVideoGameLab !!! The story of the first day

Rocket start for the 2019 edition of RomeVideoGameLab: lots of people, all the appointments and workshops crowded, well the meetings at the Fellini Room. A heterogeneous and attentive public, from school children who have attended courses through the use of Minecraft, to young people who attend RVGL19 with the aim of being trained in the video game professions. Already at 10 am full the Basilica Aemilia in the space of the ancient Rome of the Cinecittà studios where the meetings promoted by the Lazio Region ("Eternal Discovered Lazio", a nice contest for the promotion of the beauty of the region) were held in which they participated in the others Paco Lanciano (renowned expert for the realization - often together with Piero Angela - of a technologically advanced narrative of cultural heritage and the regional councilor for economic development Gian Paolo Manzella.
Then off with the presentation of A Night in the Forum, the 3D game that takes place inside the Forum of Augustus. The plot of the game kicks off from a tourist who lingers during a visit and is thrown back in time. A journey through the ancient architecture and customs of Rome in the first century, designed together by archaeologists from the Capitoline museum of the Trajan Markets, CNR researchers, a Maltese company specialized in applied games and Sony, the platform on which the game runs it is in fact the highly advanced Playstation VR.

At noon the awarding of the Best Applied Game, a specialized spin-off of the Italian Videogame Award, the most authoritative prize promoted by Aesvi and conferred by a jury of specialists. Four works have been selected, in the end the coveted dragon tail that represents the prize has been attributed to Maggie - The treasure of Seshat of Soroptimist Club Firenze a game that intends to promote the end of the gap between women and men in the world of research and science. To deliver the coveted prize the Councilor for Sport, Youth Policies and Major Events of the Municipality of Rome to the young Daniele Frongia, together with him were the president of Istituto Luce Cinecittà - which produced and promoted RomeVideoGameLab19 - Roberto Cicutto and Alitalia which was the sponsor of the award.
In the afternoon at the Fellini Hall a series of meetings to take stock of the potential of the relationship between video games and the enhancement of museums and cultural heritage. The one entitled "Digital strategies for culture: state of the art and perspectives" was attended by Mibac undersecretary Gianluca Vacca, Roberto Cicutto, president and managing director of Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Gian Paolo Manzella, economic development and productive activities, Lazio Region. Talitha Vassalli Di Dachenhausen, Director of Valorisation of Museums and Cultural Places, DG Museums MIBAC, Gilberto Corbellini, director of DSU, "Future research for gaming applied to culture", Marco Saletta, president of AESVI with the moderation of Laura Larcan.


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