From 10 to 12 May: the Italian festival of applied games returns

For three days at Cinecittà with free admission, a world of entertainment, knowledge, entertainment. With workshops, workshops, education for schools and families, exclusive masterclasses, flight simulators, interactive stations, cosplay, video game history and lots of fun

For three days, from May 10th to 12th in the Cinecittà Studios, which made Italian cinema famous in the world, space for RomeVideoGameLab 2019, the laboratory festival dedicated to discovering all the news and potential of video games combined with the world of cultural heritage, of knowledge, training, teaching. In short, space for those called "applied games". After the great success of the first edition, with thousands of visitors crowding the avenues of the Studios, this year RVGL is still growing in terms of space and activities, offering itself as an opportunity for children, families, enthusiasts and professionals to play, learn and increase their professionalism and competence but also simply having fun, being together and learning about new ideas, worlds and people.

The three days will offer a thousand occasions starting with the numerous discussion panels and continuing with workshops, masterclasses, meetings with international guests and lectio magistralis of famous video game creators. But also exhibitions on art and video games, tournaments between parents and figlicon the games that have made history, in the numerous interactive stations of the area dedicated to retrogames. For the developers of Lazio and the rest of Italy a whole pavilion reserved for B2B meetings with Italian and foreign buyers.

RomeVideoGameLab is an initiative produced and promoted by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà (the world of video games is an increasingly important sector of the audiovisual industry as well as of our imagination), in collaboration with QAcademy and Aesvi (Association representing the video game industry in Italy) and with the active participation of institutions starting from Mibac, Lazio Region and Lazio Innova, Municipality of Rome - Eureka !, CNR, Aeronautica Militare, Treccani, Rome City of Film, Gamification Lab of the Sapienza University of Rome and Virtual Reality Lab of the Telematic University "Unitelma Sapienza".

With the patronage of Agenzia Nazionale Giovani.

Two project partners: London Game Festival "Level Up Rome Developer Conference", international conference entirely dedicated to the creation of video games, organized by the Italian Videogames Academy (AIV).

And many industry partners who have collaborated: eCampus, Games Collection, Neoludica, Link Campus University and VIGAMUS Foundation, European Design Institute, Women in Games Italy, The Arcade Lab, Unindustria Perform and Cicero DIH Lazio.

In addition to important sponsors: Alitalia (Official Airline Carrier), Trenitalia (Official Carrier) and Dimensione Suono Roma (Media Partner).

RomeVideoGameLab 19 will be free admission on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May from 9.30am to 6.30pm.


Teaching and laboratory activities for young people linked to the use of Minecraft for whole classes or for single children will begin immediately (only in this case the registration costs 5 euros and must be done through Eventbrite), conducted by Marco Vigelini and by the educators of Maker Camp, coordinated by Agnese Addone.

Also starting from Friday also the specialized Level Up courses, with over 50 developers coming from all over the world who will alternate between talks and workshops, addressed to members, and lectio magistralis open to all.

Ninety interactive stations in the large retrogaming area that, in addition to following a chronological criterion to discover the "past" of video games, also deals with the theme of the relationship with other art forms and the aesthetics of food in videogames (with the participation of Treccani who has dedicated a video game to the recipes of Artusi) which is also reserved for a special space and virtual cooking tournaments challenged in the Coquis area, the University of Italian Cuisine.

Much space is given to the link between art and video games with the presence of Miltos Manetas - one of the most successful artists on the continental scene - and his works as well as the exhibition of works curated by Neoludica and live painting performance with Valeria Favoccia.

An important novelty is represented by the presence of the flight simulators of the Italian Air Force, perhaps the form of applied gamepiù immediately perceptible and affirmed that they will be "usable" under the guidance of instructors with the stars as well as the visit in virtual reality of digitally reconstructed environments .

One of the themes that RomeVideoGameLab has been dealing with since its first edition is the use of video games for the enhancement of culture, the museums of archaeological areas: in expert discussion panels and institutions such as Mibac - Directorate General Museums, CNR ITABC, AESVI, Comune of Rome-Capitolina Superintendency, Lazio-Lazio Region Innova, publishers and developers will have the opportunity to meet and also to present the novelties of a common work that is bearing fruit, in particular in the enhancement of heritage.

An absolute novelty is certainly "A night in the forum: Trapped for a night in the Forum of Augustus": the environmental game narrative in 3D, for Sony Playstation VR, set in Rome, developed by VRTRON and CNR ITABC, with the advice of Markets of Trajan-Museum of the Imperial Forums, and created thanks to funding from the European Commission.

The Lazio Region promotes a Video Challenge within RVGL19 entitled "Lazio eternal discovery" and thematic tables of Matchmaking culture / technology and Design thinking.

RomeVidoeGameLab19 will also host a spin off of the Italian Video Game Awards, the prize dedicated to excellence in the world of video games organized by AESVI and now in its seventh edition. On Friday 10th May, for the first time, a statuette in the shape of a Dragon's tail will be assigned, dedicated to the Best Applied Gamer made by an Italian development studio.

There are four finalist video games selected by a specialized jury that will compete for the title: "Don-Ay: Pet Land" by Affinity Project, "Sema Land" by Melazeta, "Scaccia Rischi" by P.M. Studios, "Maggie" by Soroptimist.

Also noteworthy are the activities that will weave videogames and cinemas and the important presence for the first time of the London Game Festival, the most important event in the United Kingdom for the video game and interactive entertainment industry.

The presence of some universities with specific courses is important, engaged in RomeVideoGameLab in lectures and seminars on different topics, from professional videogames to the new frontiers of gamification, to immersive virtual reality as a new challenge to knowledge.

The appointments are promoted by eCampus, University of Rome "Link Campus University" and VIGAMUS Foundation, European Institute of Design, Gamification Lab of the Sapienza University of Rome, Telematic University "Unitelma Sapienza" and the Women in Games Association Italy.

Many important guests will hold meetings and lessons, starting with Jeff Minter (historical father of the video game author), Francesco Toniolo eSimone Arcagni.

In the Level Up program the lectio magistralis by Maria Rita Mancaniello (University of Florence) and another by Sky Arte HD.

And there are also many events in the three theaters that will host RVGL19.

There will be the artisans of Arcade Lab (or the restorers of this form of play and art so modern but with so much past behind it).

And on Sunday 12, inside the Cinecittà area that hosts the evocative reconstruction of ancient Rome, a cosplay parade and a concert by the CdA, a young band that plays the theme games of video games and cartoons.


Free entry

Studies of Cinecittà - Via Tuscolana, 1055

Metro Line A - Cinecittà stop

from 9:30 to 18:30

(last admission 5:30 pm)



Facebook: Rome VideoGame Lab

Instagram: rome_videogame_lab


In the days of RomeVideoGameLab, the entrance to Cinecittà Si Mostra, the exhibition route that opens the doors of the Studios to the general public

( has a reduced ticket for € 13


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