Come2gether A RomeVideoGameLab19 a Street Artist Contest.

The Istituto Luce Cinecittà on the occasion of the RVGL19 event - scheduled in the suggestive spaces of Cinecittà from 10th to 12th May 2019 - launches a contest for the presentation of sketches for exhibition purposes in the RVGL 19 locations.

"Make your story of friendship with the protagonists of the history of cinema and videogames!"

The theme of the contest intends to capture the affinities and suggestions of two near and distant worlds such as cinema and videogaming, starting from narrative paths and a universal feeling such as friendship.
The contest foresees the realization of n. 6 works, of a size of about 2.5 meters x h 2/3 meters, on the walls of the Teatro 10 of the Cinecittà Studios.
To participate, a sketch of the work must be sent via private message to the Facebook and Instagram page of Cinecittà Events respecting the theme proposed.
Together with the work, each participant must be at least 18 years of age and indicate the following information: Name, Surname, Date of birth, E-mail and telephone contact to receive the official registration form for the contest to be completed and returned signed.
Each participant will be able to present only one project destined to a single space and will have to be of measures consistent with the available surface.
The works must be received no later than April 29, 2019.

The evaluation will take place according to the criteria of:
- Originality;
- Consistency with the proposed theme;
- Expressiveness;
The prize will be represented by the possibility of carrying out one's work within the second edition of the RomeVideoGameLab19 event and to see one's work published in national and / or local newspapers, in specific publications and on the RVGL website.

For more information read the regulation