Heroes, heroes, superheroes, between cinema, Neoludica at RVGL

Neoludic: pixel art, concept art and game photography with Italian game artists from Super Mario to Assassin's Creed

There is an imaginary that moves between cinema, fortography, graphics, comics and video games. An imaginary that is now fully an art. This is why within RomeVideoGameLab there will be Neoludica Game Art Gallery, an exhibition to understand and admire the videogame arts in the visual reservoir of contemporary arts. A theme dear to the curators Debora Ferrari and Luca Traini who 10 years ago brought the art of video games to the show with Italian cultural assets in the world premiere in Aosta, Rome of the Alps, and then in 2011 at the 54th Venice Biennale to clear customs medium on the international scene. The exhibition at Cinecittà aims to tackle the theme of character creation, character, and how it becomes a popular icon, moving from cinema to video games. How are game art born? Game art is born in and around the videogame. The whole process of accrediting these works in the contemporary arts is in progress and we would like to share them not by difference but by contents that well frame the aesthetics of today's world.

On display over 40 digital works produced in canvas with a frame such as oil paintings, forex, crystal, to allow the public to static appreciate the dynamic art contained in video games and enjoy all the details that artists pour into the character and the landscape that surrounds it. Thanks to two monitors the public will also be able to enjoy videos and timelaps of how a character is created and how concept art and pixel art works are born, or art videos created with development tools, as in the works of Igor Imhoff, Neotenia and Alen Zero. Specifically, the digital frescoes created for Origins in Lucca 2017 will be exhibited and videos will be shown of how the artwork was made by the artists. From digital painting to classic painting, from digital sculpting to photomanipulation, up to videos: the forms of expression of the contemporary era become tools to embark on an interactive journey through the characters, secrets, charm and history of Ptolemaic Egypt , celebrating the Assassin's Creed myth.

Authors who reinterpreted Assassin's Creed Origins: Samuele Arcangioli, Claudia Gironi, Biancamaria Mori and Carlo Gioventù, Federico Vavalà, Francesco Delrio, Filippo Scaboro, Luca Baggio, Giuditta Sartori, Giacomo Giannella, Mauro Perini, Valeria Favoccia, Christian Scampini and Ivan Porrini.

Also of great importance is the presence of two Italian game photographers, Cristiano Bonora and Emanuele Bresciani, who are bringing the photomood to a high level by raising Game Photography from a gamer phenomenon to a stand-alone art. And then many artists from Game Art Gallery and artwork from Italian development teams.

"Inside the videogame we find the art of concept artists and the art of the historical epochs that are mentioned there - explains Debora Ferrari, curator; we have the opportunity to explore these worlds without the need for a univocal temporal direction. The video game, the total work, becomes an exhibitor of all the quotes, fables, analogies, art, names, environments, painted with pastel or oil Photoshop freehand in a Wacom or sketched in pen on a sheet, before becoming an action. Playing and seeing the works in an exhibition, extrapolated from the thousands of images created and reported in the material of a canvas or a hologram, is in effect moving always within a Wunderkammer ”.

"What Neoludica is trying to do is to meet the art of these artists and to understand in their personal portfolio the most particular artworks that can have a value both for the game and for the panorama of contemporary arts, we want to position the artist in national and international contemporary art contexts and in this way the author can be credited in the general panorama - concludes Luca Traini, curator “.

During the days of the festival the new book published by TraRari TIPI will be presented "Italian digital artists and game artists, first catalog raisonné" and there will also be live painting performances with Valeria Favoccia, cartoonist who works mainly for the American market. His most important works include Doctor Who and Assassin's Creed Reflections, both for Titan Comics. He also worked as a board game designer and being a big video game lover, he also collaborated as a Concept Artist with the Italian indie studio "Invader Studios".

As we have been saying for ten years: Art is at stake !! -